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    Gal Steel Vinyl PVC Coated Chain Link Fence

    Recinzioni are produce pvc coated chain link fence and the wire fence panel specialized factory, some 30 years history, the products export to more than 20 countries, the customer trusts our wire fence products quality. Recinzioni pvc coated chain link fence comprehensive carrying out management system, consummates enterprise's safe construction and the environmental protection construction unceasingly.

    Chain link fence mesh provide strong, durable and flexible construction at economic cost. Also known as Rhombic Mesh, the spiral woven structure offers good linear strength and springy texture to protect horses and other animals from injury. Yudemei chain link wire can work as permanent perimeter or temporary perimeter fencing system. The chain link fence wire panels, Plastic Steel/Concrete Fence Posts and chain link gates can generate a Complete Fencing Barrier System that is extremely stable and versatile. When used together with barbed wire or concertina wire coils along the fence tops, it is a high security barrier system.

    Wire Fence Panels: Heights 900, 1200, 1500, 1800, 2100 mm.

    Developed for Specific Applications:

    1, Security Fence: Chain Link Fence Netting + Barbed Wire Combination.
    2, High Security Fencing: Chain Link Fence Mesh + Razor Wire Combined System.
    3, PVC Coated Chain Link Fence Mesh Perimeter Fencing.
    4, Plastic Coated Garden Fence.
    5, Galvanized And Green Color Coated Chain Link Fence System For Tennis Groud.
    6, PVC Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fence For Swimming Pool Safety.
    7, PVC Electro Galvanized Mobile Chain Link Fencing Barrier.
    8, PVC Chain Link Fence For Highways And Railways Protection.

    We also supply PVC coated chain link fences of optional materials for customers: aluminized steel chain link wire fence, black vinyl chain link fence, galvanized chain link fence and stainless steel fence. click on the button on the left to learn more.

    With reference to the above mentioned project, We Supply of 2.40m High Security Chain Link Fence and 7.0m Wide x 2.40m High Security Chain Link Gates in accordance with the attached Drawings and Specifications.





    Supply of Security Chain Link Fence


    2.40m High Security Chain Link fence




    7.0m Wide x 2.40m High Security Chain Link Gates




    Option 1: 1.20m Wide x 2.40m High Security Chain Link Personnel Gate, Type  1




    Option 1: 1.20m Wide x 2.40m High Security Chain Link Personnel Gate, Type  2



    Hot Dipped Galvanized, Roll Size : 15 x 2 M, Mesh Hole Size : 4x4 CM, Diameter Wire 4.2 MM, BWG 8.

    We also supply 8500 v shaped top pieces that extend up at a 45 degree angle and can acomodate 3 strands of barb wire on each side and are at least 300mm in height.
    also need 180,000 meeters of barb wire. number of diferent typs of barbed wire that would be apreciated. preferably what is the least expensive. 15 rolls of 9 gauge galvanized wire for ataching the chain link to the fence posts.

    27000 meeters of 9 gauge 50mm mesh PVC coated chain link fence that is 2.7 meters in height.
    8500 posts that are 3.5 meters in length 73mm in diamater
    8500 botom rails that are 3meeters 42mm in diamater, with conectors to attatch to the posts.

    We also supply 27000 meters of razor wire for the top of the chain link fence.

    27000 meters of razor wire for the top of the chain link fence


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