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    Technical requirements

    Parameters for wire fences must meet ZB B92.001-87 standard.

    Structures: Galvanized wire fence is generally composed of galvanized woven wire mesh, barbed steel wire, fence gate and various fencing posts.
    Wire Fabrics: Woven wire panels basic parameters include weft wire pieces, panel width, warp wire distance and steel wire diameter applied. Specifications of wire mesh can be adjusted to meet the specific requirements of the customers.
    Barbed Steel Wire: There are two types for choice: single strand and double strand.

    Test Method of Wire Fences:
    Tests include:
    Tensile strength test for woven wire mesh and barbed steel wire;
    Elasticity test of woven wire mesh;
    Fence materials test.

    Purpose of test is to inspect that if the manufacturing quality of wire mesh fences meets the technical demands.

    The tensile strength purpose is to check the installation of the fence to see if it can meet the standard.
    Elasticity test of the wire mesh is to check the capability of the wire mesh to restore after being deformed.
    Materials test is to check the mechanical property and galvanizing quality of the wire mesh for fences, barbed steel wire.

    Inspection Principles before going to customers:

    ll the wire mesh fences are inspected by the quality control department and certified to be qualified products before they are for sale.

    The ordering party can check the quality according to this standard and the random test quantity is no less than 3% of the 20000 m wire mesh fence system and the checking items include:
    Outside quality, system matching and packing quality;
    Main parts technical requirements;
    The mechanical property and chemical composition of the steel wire when necessary.

    The wire mesh produced in lot should random test two rolls every year. The parts for random test should be re-checked in double quantity if one piece is found unqualified. If still one piece is found unqualified after re-checking, then the whole parts are regarded as unqualified and should be returned to the workshops for repairing.

    The fences generally go through the above test before we sell to the customers.
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