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    Playground Wire Fence

    We supply professional wire mesh fences for playground: volleyball court fence, tennis court fence, basketball court fence, golf course and other sports fences. It can be supplied in the form of temporary fence or eternal metal fences.

    Sports fence description:
    Site installation products: Suitable for site installation. It has the features of flexibility, adjustable structures, shape and sizes.

         Plastic coated wire diameter:3.8-4 .5 MM
         Mesh 50 MM X 50 MM
         Size: 3000 MM X 4000 MM
         Column: 60/2.5 MM diameter steel pipe
         Mesh column: diameter of 48 / 2 MM welded steel pipe

    Advantage: Bright color products, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, complete specifications.
    Major markets: High quality fence for the tennis courts, basketball venue and volleyball courts.

    Playground Wire Fence Playground Wire Fence
    Playground Wire Fence Playground Wire Fence
    Wire Fence
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