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    Installation of Galvanized Wire Fence

    Recinzioni galvanized wire fence installation principles:
    1. All the parts and components must be checked standard. If there are parts buying from outside, a certificate of inspection should be presented before installation.
    2. The installation should be done according to Wire Mesh Fence Installation Manual.
    3. The average tensile strength of the barbed steel wire and the single weft wire for wire mesh should be 700 N (70kgf) and 900 N (90kgf).
    4. A medium fence post is set every 400m fences, a small post is set every 14m. The numbers of small post can be reduced or added with the varying of the site or the demand of the clients.
    5. The outside appearance should be neat after installation and the fence should keep the uniform height from the ground.
    6. The posts should be firmly buried and keep straight to the ground. Within the length of 1000 mm above the ground, the sloping degree of the post should be 50 mm.
    7. Every weft wire of the wire mesh should be tied firmly together to the fence posts. All the fasteners should not be loosened.
    8. Fence gate should be installed firmly and can be turned flexibility.

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